Dannah is a creativity enthusiast that has worked in childcare for 6 years. Before working with children, she studied creative writing and dramatic arts… which led to Thinkertales. It’s creative writing, dramatic arts, and childcare all wrapped into one story time class. While these things provide the backbone for our class, the true inspiration came from the kids she’d worked with. It was their love of stories, and their desire to behave as the characters they read about, that inspired the concept of interactive story time. We can’t wait to share it with you!

ThinkerTales interactive story time classes: putting big ideas into little hands

At ThinkerTales, we believe that creativity should be celebrated and cultivated at an early age. Using stories as an anchor, we strive to teach children how to use their imaginations to see the everyday in new ways. In all ThinkerTales classes, perspective is everything. We are committed to teaching children that they have the tools to think big and create something meaningful. All it takes is the courage to be bold, brave, and constructive. Through creative work, all things are possible!


Stories are a peek inside an author’s imagination. We simply put an idea from that story into the hands of our children. It reinforces something that they do naturally: believe that the story is real. We take that belief and prove it by giving them everyday items with imaginative attachments, bringing the ideas of a story into to their tangible world. This shows them that in order to to hold an idea in their hands, all they have to do is think outside of the box.

Thinkertinks (1m – 16m)

The story time class our littlest friends deserve! We always begin by introducing a “Thinker”, or a puppet, who leads the story time, providing a focal point and entertainment throughout the class. As we read our stories, we offer infants safe, mouth able objects that allow them to explore choice, texture, shapes, and color inspired by the the pages they are seeing. We also incorporate group sing along songs and stationary movement to fully round out this engaging, developmentally focused story time.

Monday 9:30am – 10:15am

Loud Thinkers (24m – 48m)

Interactive story time just for toddlers. In this class, we focus on bringing stories to life through tactile activities, group decision making, verbal prompts, songs and movement. Children will use their creativity and imaginations to see our materials in a new way. Spoons become drumsticks, plastic bowls become hats, and paper towels become capes… all in the name of a story time adventure! 

Monday 10:30am – 11:15am
Wednesday 1:30pm – 2:15pm